Friday, March 14, 2008


As you can probably tell from my previous post, I have very mixed feelings about where technology is going and how fast it is going there. I formed this blog with the intent of putting a restraint on my pessimism by focusing on the past, so I will do my best to refrain from blasting recent developments.

One of my favorite things about SciFi is that no matter what kinds of insane speculative technology take hold, the human narrative continues. I find that very comforting. One aspect of my adventure into the world of book scanning that I failed to mention is that while most of the scanners were wealthy-looking individuals, two were a couple with kids. Two running around, one in utero. I can imagine that the extra cash they get from scanning helps them get by if they live anywhere near this area. The cost of living is ridiculous.

Thinking about them, the ideological frustration and technological pessimism that resulted in my last post begin to lose lose their edges.

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Comrade Jhonka said...

It's unfortunate that things like scanning exist at all, but with the technological advances humanity has been making the world has essentially restarted itself and we are among the first generations of this Neo-Primeval world.

Mush like the saying goes "history repeats itself," a few generations down the road I'm sure there will be people scanning ebooks, and data chips at functions like the one you were at.

Everything we do whether good or bad in some way shape or form has an influence on the underhanded ways of the next generation. Yet those same underhanded ways can change to the standard of living due to our social truths.

The best we can do is continue living our lives, picking and choosing when to swim against the tide of the masses and hope that everything turns out well.

However, at this point and time I don't think your feelings were harsh in anyway. People do the damnedest things when their backs are against the wall.